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The Inclusive School Net is a network that comprises 49 schools (7 schools per Beneficiary: 3 primary, 2 secondary general and 2 VET schools). In addition, each school has nominated a team of 5 participants (including school principals, teachers and pedagogues, school board members and/or representatives of parents), and thus the network as whole comprises 245 persons.

The Inclusive School Network is comprised of the following schools:

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Survey of pilot schools launched

The London School of Economics Enterprise (LSE) is about to start a survey among key authorities and stakeholders about the level of awareness on inclusive education in selected schools in all the beneficiaries in South East Europe. They will also conduct a survey at the end of the project to measure the project's impact.  The survey was launched at a meeting in Belgrade to establish formal relations and learn about the roles of each partner in the project. LSE team presented their survey design and methodology. Representatives of the Network of Education Policy Centres (NEPC) who will cooperate with schools on capacity building activities provided feedback about the specific situation in their communities. Based on this feedback, the partners agreed on ways of improving the research questionnaires as a part of the baseline survey.

The aim is to identify which inclusive educational practices are the best for the project participants and will then share them with school teams. Forty-nine pilot schools (seven per each of the seven beneficiaries) with wide range of diversity will work on increasing capacities of schools and development of inclusive educational practices. This is a specific focus on those who are at a higher risk of marginalisation and exclusion.

The survey will be carried out in February and the next joint meeting with the core LSE and NEPC teams is planned for the second week of February in Strasbourg to discuss further capacity building activities.

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