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School name: Dr. Ivan Merz

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School type: Primary school

Address: Račkoga 4, Zagreb, Croatia

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Zvonko Piljek - Principal
  • Mirela Bukač – social pedagogue
  • Tilda Bjeliš – pedagogue
  • Nives Stanković – class teacher
  • Slavica Horvat- IT teacher
  • Vedran Vojnović – English teacher
Teacher Team
  • Ljiljana Rukavina
  • Slavica Horvat
  • Yvonne Jurin
  • Iva Marinković
  • Mišo Basić

Number of pupils: 393

Number of male students: 201

Number of female students: 192

Male/female student ratio: m51% / f49%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

School has high number of students with various levels of disability, some very severe special educational needs, but also students from migrant and immigrant families, children from foster care and Roma and Albanian minorities. School has provided full support for various individual learning needs and has special school program in Albanian language. This school has been very active in exchanges with other schools from the country and abroad, and they are very willing to help, support  and train their colleagues from the region.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

Impressive experience and trained team and great support from parents and community. Infrastructure for students with various physical disabilities is in place and school staff is going through continuous training.