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School name: ASUC Boro Petruševski Skopje

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School type: VET school

Address: Aleksandar Makedonski 26b, Skopje, "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team:
  • Sonja Ristovska - Principal
  • Mimoza Gicevska - coordinator
  • Teuta Sulejmani - pedagogue
  • Sonja Atanasovska - class teacher
  • Ance Kaevska - class teacher
Teacher Team
  • Aleksandar Jovanov
  • Silvija Mitrevska Filipova
  • Merita Grubi
  • Verica Kjosevska
  • Snezana Ristoska

Number of pupils: 947

Number of male students: 789

Number of female students: 157

Male/female student ratio: m 83 % / f 17 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

Being a large school, with mixed ethic groups both among students and teachers, this school faces various other diversity issues, such as: 70% students are coming from the rural areas and are either traveling or living in the dormitories. There are also students coming from the foster families and orphanages. There is a number of students with emotional, behavioral and intellectual challenges. This is a predominately male school and this also is a diversity issue.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School management and staff is quite active and entrepreneurial, being involved in various projects, programs and activities and staff is constantly being trained and educated for various aspects that enhance the quality of education. There hasn't been any systematic training for inclusive education but there were various case-to-case supportive activities and workshops. There is very positive and open atmosphere for learning and space for improvement. School has excellent infrastructure.