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School name: Mustafa Pecanin Rožaje

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School type: Primary school

Address: Raduna Ðukica bb, Rožaje, Montenegro

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Kardovic Azra - Deputy Principal
  • Nurkovic Melida - pedagogue
  • Dedeic Mediha - speech therapist
  • Kalac Safet - English teacher
  • Muric Senadija - class teacher
Teacher Team
  • Murić Mesudin
  • Saida Topalović
  • Jasmina Kurpejović
  • Nermina Durović
  • Ernesa Demić

Number of pupils: 1029

Number of male students: 562

Number of female students: 497

Male/female student ratio: m55%/f45%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

School is attended by different profiles of students: students with special educational needs, physical disabilities, refugees and IDPs and Roma children. There are 28 children with special educational needs who are studying by individual learning plans with the support from the inclusive team.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School has well organized inclusive practice, and trained and skilled staff, including psychologist, pedagogue, special pedagogue, speech therapist, teaching assistance and the municipal mobile team for inclusion. There is praxis of continuous education and training in the field of inclusion. This school has previous experience with cross-border exchanges and partnerships and is very motivated to continue working in the inclusive education field.