Inclusive School Net

School name: "Beqir Cela"

School type: VET School

Address: Lagjia 14 - Shkozet - Durres

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Fabian Saraci, Principal
  • Marjeta Myftari, Sociology teacher
  • Dorina Konomi, English teacher
  • Anesti Shuka, School board member & representative of DAR)
  • Etleva Xhibraku, Board member of school
Teacher Team
  • Shefki Kastrati
  • Manjola Sharkaj
  • Nazmi Kasmi
  • Alma Luku
  • Gurim Kaci


Number of pupils: 1134

Number of male students: 1134

Number of female students: 0

Male/female student ratio: m 100 % / f 0 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

Students in this school come from economically deprived families from various parts of Albania with different backgrounds but mainly from rural areas.
Dropout of students is a major problem. Last year at least 90 students dropped out of school.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

This school has a good experience in project implementation, as various organizations have invested and worked with it. It is part of the ETF network.
Some inclusive practices include:  supplementary courses for students with special educational needs; individual support and inclusion of these children in mainstream classrooms.