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School name: VII Gymnasium Belgrade

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School type: General Secondary School

Address: Šejkina 21a, Belgrade, Serbia

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Željko Pavlović, School Board Representative
  • Miroslav Markicevic, School Board President,
  • Dragica Kitanovski, pedagogue,
  • Slavica Sekuloski, psychologist,
  • Violeta Vlaški, russian teacher
Teacher Team
  • Svetlana Jeremić
  • Vesna Kojović
  • Dario Kmezić
  • Dejan Pejović
  • Novica Milovanović

Number of pupils: 711

Number of male students: 330

Number of female students: 381

Male/female student ratio: m 46.4 % / f 53.6 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

School has wide range of diversity issues – from students coming from socially and economically deprived families, victims of domestic abuse, to various behavioral and language disorders. There are also many teenagers that belong to the at risk groups.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School has moderate experience in working with inclusive education, and they were mainly working on the case-to-case basis, though they show high motivation and interest in further training and establishing serious inclusive education approach. They have good support from the local community and parents.