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School name: Moša Pijade Preljubište

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School type: VET school

Address: Ilindenska bb, Tetovo, selo Preljubište, "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team:
  • Dusko Perinski - Project coordinator for the school
  • Selajdin Behadini - Professor and implementer of extracurricular activities
  • Alexander Petrovic - Professor and implementer of extracurricular activities
  • Ivan Janchevski - parent
  • Nebojsa Trpkovski -  professor and coordinator of the Center for Career
Teacher Team
  • Sherif Abduramani
  • Faton Mustafi
  • Xhevahir Neziri
  • Elizabeta Paneva
  • Violeta Srbinovska



Number of pupils: 1399

Number of male students: 1271

Number of female students: 128

Male/female student ratio: m 91 % / f 9 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

This is a large bilingual multicultural and multiethnic school, with predominantly male students and staff. They also have students with special educational needs and motor disabilities well integrated into the system. One department of the school that is stationed in village Preljubište works fully in the Nansen education model, with the full integrated interethnic and intercultural principal, without any segregation of students.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

Staff and the management is well trained through the Nansen methodological approach and both the parents and the community are involved actively in supporting the school. This may be one of the most successful integrative approaches in the country. Village school has very adequate infrastructure and motivated staff. Methods of work are innovative and participative coming based in the Norwegian model of learning.