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School name: “Daut Bogujevci” and Sh.F. “Aca Marovic”

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School type: Elementary school

Address: Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje, Kosovo*

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
  • Sabri Xhigoli, school principal : 038534664 or 044128170
School Team:
  • Sabri Xhigoli - Principal
  • Abdulla Reçica
  • Albana Shalaku
  • Sadete Qorri
  • Nexhmedin Rexhepi
Teacher Team
  • Dulina Miftari
  • Arlinda Aliu
  • Dile Prlaska
  • Valdete Sopa
  • Shpresa Reçica

Number of pupils: 611

Number of male students: 343

Number of female students: 268

Male/female student ratio: m 56 % / f 44 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

Teaching is organized in two languages, in Albanian (Elementary school Daut Bogujevci) that is attended by Albanian children, Ashkali, Egyptians and Roma as well as in Serbian language (elementary school Aca Maroviq) that is attended by Serbian and Roma Children.

Other inclusiveness issues in this school are economic challenges of families, dealing with children with learning difficulties and special educational needs.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

Schools under a common roof ensure acceptance and respect for all the children. School staff is motivated and open for cooperation among each other, and also with other schools from the country and abroad. These schools already have experience in cooperating with other donors and partners.

* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.