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School name: School center Hadžići

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School type: Mixed VET and Gymnasium school

Address : Anđelka Lažetića 17, Hadžići,  Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Gegić Misim – Principal
  • Ćatić Tufo Nusreta – mother tongue teacher
  • Hodžić Hanka  - class teacher
  • Masleša Suad – class teacher
  • Handžo Dževad – parents' council
Teacher Team
  • Hanka Hodzic
  • Nuska Catic Tufo
  • Jasmina Rahmanovic
  • Admir Basic
  • Suad Maslesa

Number of pupils: 995

Number of male students: 552

Number of female students: 443

Male/female student ratio: m55%/f45%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

There are around 20 students with special educational needs who are attending school and studying through individual learning plans. School also has around 10% students who belong to other nationality than Bosniak. They are all fully integrated into the school life. There is a significant number of talented students whose learning plans have been individualized.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School management, staff and parents have all been very supportive to the process of introducing inclusive education practice into school. Staff has been actively trained for the past couple of years in the field of inclusive education methods and best practices. Values of social justice, inclusion and the right to education for all are the underlying values of the school. School has been removing architectural barriers and starting the construction works for the elevator.