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School name: Electrotechnical school Mija Stanimirovic Niš

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School type: VET school

Address: Bulevar Cara Konstantina bb, Niš, Serbia

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Pavlovic Marina-class teacher
  •  Marija Šipić -class teacher
  • Ðordevic Danica- class teacher
  • Radenkovic Olivera- class teacher
Teacher Team
  • Marina Pavlovic
  • Danica Djordjevic
  • Marija Sipic
  • Olivera Radenkovic
  • Ksenija Sekulic

Number of pupils: 710

Number of male students: 633

Number of female students: 77

Male/female student ratio: m 90 % / f 10 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

This school is predominately male school, and there are various diversity issues in the school. Many students are traveling daily to school from different rural areas and there are many economically deprived students. There are students with special educational needs and in many cases not diagnosed mental and behavioral disorders. There are also Roma students and some living in orphanages and foster care.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School team, though motivated and willing to support the inclusiveness in school, lacks additional and advanced training in the field and general support both financial and from parents. They are very willing to learn and train more, since the need is very high, having more and more students with special educational needs enrolling into school every year. Almost all of the inclusive initiatives in the school are coming out of good will and intuitive positive approach and there is no systemic work on the inclusion.