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School name: Abdyl Frashëri

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School type: VET school

Address: Tahir Zajmi, Pristina, Kosovo*

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team:
  • Bekë Mulaj – school principal
  • Hajriz Neziri
  • Mergim Mestani
  • Muhamed Hajzeri
  • Hidajete Dinaj
Teacher Team
  • Baki Hyseni
  • Teuta Veselaj
  • Almir Abdurramani
  • Uran Rexhepi
  • Fisnik Kurti

Number of pupils: 526

Number of male students: 376

Number of female students: 150

Male/female student ratio: m 71 % / f 29 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

Students in this school generally come from families with economic difficulties. These students come to this school with gaps from previous education. School has various educational profiles and ambitions to include more female students and students coming different ethnic groups based on their strategic plan for the future.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

Dealing with students who have special educational needs is still a challenge, for which they would require more support from the Project. School staff pays a special attention to practical skills versus the theoretical aspect of teaching and learning.

* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence.