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School name: Vasil Glavinov Veles

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School type: Primary school

Address: Nikola Karev 2, Veles, "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
  • 00389 43 211 255
School Team:
  • Lidija Hadziarsova
  • Tanja Indova
  • Jasminka Naumova
  • Snezhana Stefanovska
  • Dragi Kocevski

Number of pupils: 1782

Number of male students: 905

Number of female students: 877

Male/female student ratio: m 51 % / f 49 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

This school has various diversity aspects - from the multicultural and multiethnic diversity to the students with special educational needs and large group of the severely economically deprived families.  School has departments placed in the rural area with nearly 400 students studying in Albanian, but there is also a large Roma community and Turkish minority. There are 37 students studying by individual learning plan. School staff is also ethnically mixed.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School is very well equipped with assistive technology and accessible. There is also very highly trained staff - psychologist, pedagogue and special pedagogue who are trained and were training other colleagues on inclusion issues and how to work with special educational needs. They are far more advanced than majority of schools in developing and working through individual learning plans. There is good cooperation with parents, but there is still need for further training and exchanges in order to improve the quality of the programs.