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School name: Primary school "Ali Podrimja" in Bajram Curri

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School type: Elementary School

Address: Lagja "Dardania", Rruga "Agim Ramadani", Bajram Curri

Contacts (phone, fax, email):


School Team:
  • Hajrie HOXHA, Principal;
  • Bashkim TOSKAJ, Teacher
  • Sabrie BASHUKAJ, Teacher 
  • Rabë HOXHAJ, Representative of Parents Council
  • Naim SADIKU, Parent and representative of School Board
Teacher Team
  • Mimoza Tara
  • Valbona Zenelaj
  • Rugova Buçpapaj
  • Hedie Osmanaj
  • Valbona Doçi


Number of pupils: 508

Number of male students: 230

Number of female students: 278

Male/female student ratio: m 54.7 % / f 45.3 %

Diversity – Inclusion issues:

230 pupils come from economically deprived families;
71 pupils come from the village;
9 pupils come from Roma families;
14 pupils have learning difficulties;
16 pupils have divorced parents;
25 pupils have one parent;
There is one child returned from abroad.

Level of inclusive practices/experience:

This is a one year old school with limited level of inclusive practices. The school has organized a number of activities in collaboration with local education authorities, parents' council, school board and pupils. However, school staff requires more capacity building with regard to inclusiveness practices.