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School name: Branko Ćopić Prnjavor

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School type: Primary school

Address : Rade Vranješević 1, Prnjavor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Aleksandra Novarlić, pedagogue
  • Jelena Radivojević Stupar, psychologist
  • Milica Nježić, class teacher
  • Snježana Petrešin, English teacher
  • Nevena Radmilović, class teacher
Teacher Team
  • Sandra Popović
  • Dragana Ignjatić
  • Julija Mitrović
  • Brankica Radonjić
  • Jasmina Malešević

Number of pupils: 755

Number of male students: 390

Number of female students: 365

Male/female student ratio: m52%/f48%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

There are students from various ethnic and religious groups attending this school, since the area is highly ethnically mixed. School offers classes in various languages as well as the religious classes for four different confessions. There are children with special educational needs attending classes based on the individual learning plans.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School has been participating both in the Index for Inclusion research project, and in the UNICEF project for improving inclusive practices in schools, as well as the Ministry of education program for inclusion. There are well developed practices of inclusion in place and trained staff with the understanding of issues and values of inclusion. Motivation for inclusive education further training and cross-border exchanges is high.