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School name: VET School Jajce

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School type: VET school

Address : Berte Kučere 3, Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Zdenko Ištvanić, Principal
  • Dragana Jelica, pedagogue and class teacher
  • Sabina Ruždijić, maths and physics teacher
  • Tarik Zjajo, German teacher
  • Age Lacić, class teacher
Teacher Team
  • Zdenko Ištvanić
  • Dragana Crnoja 
  • Age Lacić
  • Tarik Zjajo
  • Sabina Ruždijić

Number of pupils: 690

Number of male students: 500

Number of female students: 190

Male/female student ratio: m72%/f28%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

This school has ethnically mixed group of students and teachers, belonging to Croatian and Bosniak groups. There are also students who are returnees and many students come from one-parent families and impoverished rural areas. There is a number of students with intellectual challenges that study by individual learning plans.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

School staff has been trained in working with children with special educational needs and the school is supportive in working with individual learning plans and further training and improving the curriculum. Intercultural understanding and dialogue is constant priority in this school. There is a good support and cooperation from the parents.