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School name: Ismail Qemali

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School type: Secondary school

Address: Rr. Johan Fon Han - Tiranë

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Alma Laze (Principal)
  • Brikena Kullolli (Teacher)
  • Jona Begeja    (Psychologue)
  • Luljeta Malaj  (English teacher)
  • Valbona Mara (Parent)
Teacher Team
  • Jeta Lila
  • Jonida Behluli
  • Silva Grori
  • Elsida Haroku
  • Albana Tabaku

Number of pupils: 1826 (Class X-643; Class XI-639; Class XII- 544)

Number of male students: 784 (Class X-279; Class XI- 310; Class XII- 210)

Number of female students: 1027 (Class X-364; Class XI-329; Class XII- 334)

Male/female student ratio:

  • Class X- f 56% / m 44%;
  • Class XI- f 55% / m 45%;
  • Class XII f 62% / m 38%
Diversity – Inclusion issues

Highly diverse background of pupils in terms of cultural (subcultural), social, economic, ethnic, urban/rural aspect.
There are 36 students with divorced parents, 64 students with one parent, 5 students with problematic behaviour,  54 students from economically deprived families, 43 students who come from abroad, 136 students with excellent performace,  19 students who need the psychologue and 3 students with special educational needs.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

The school has special assistance programmes for students that come from emigration to get integrated as well as optional curriculum choices for students. The classrooms are composed of different subcultures aiming the integration.

Other issues

Infrastructure issues.