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School name: Mustafa Ejubović - Šejh Jujo Mostar

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School type: Primary school

Address : XX 44, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Mustafa Džafić headteacher,
  • Halima Tucović
  • Asidina Duraković
  • Alisa Hodžić
  • Tahir Taslaman
Teacher Team
  • Alen Pajić
  • Jasmina Mrgan
  • Emina Redžić
  • Hasiba Džiho
  • Atifa Gološ

Number of pupils: 740

Number of male students: 387

Number of female students: 353

Male/female student ratio: m52%/f48%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

School has mixed ethnical profile of students, students coming from foster care and orphanages, 250 students who are daily commuting to school and 16 students with special educational needs who are following classed through individual learning plans. School has good infrastructure and already existing contacts and partnerships with other schools from the country and abroad.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

Management and staff of the school has been well trained in working with children with SEN and has a decade of experience in working with individual learning plans. They feel that they lack more support in this field and are highly motivated to gain new knowledge, insights and support for their work in the field of inclusion.