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School name: "Tringë  Smajli"

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School type: Elementary School

Address: Grudë e Re, Rrethina/Shkodër

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Came Leka, School principal;
  • Tush Shqau, Vice principal;
  • Almir Bruçaj, Parents Council;  
  • Jozefina Ferketa, English teacher;
  • Aida Bruçaj, teacher/parent/members of School Board 
Teacher Team
  • Jozefina Ferketa
  • Angjelina Gjokaj
  • Mimoza Pepaj
  • Mihil Hasani
  • Mirsad Agovi

Number of pupils: 580

Number of male students: 280

Number of female students: 300

Male/female student ratio: m 55 % / f 45 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

Pupils mainly come from remote rural areas, from different mindsets and cultures.
Most pupils live in families with socio-economic issues such as: poverty, domestic violence, labor exploitation, children with learning difficulties and gender inequality.
Some children live in families who are in blood feud.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

The school building is a very old one and has insufficient capacity for the number of children in the school.
School staff has been supported by other projects and organizations, such as World Vision.