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School name: Joakim Krcoski Volkovo

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School type: Primary school

Address: Volkovo bb, Skopje, "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team:
  • Sonja Lazoroska - principal
  • Jovanka Kostovska
  • Marina Nikolovska - representative of Parents' Council
  • Dzelal Isaki
  • Gordana Nestorovska - psychologist and representative of Policy Net team
Teacher Team
  • Sanja Andevska
  • Ljuljzime Jusufi
  • Ljupka Hristova
  • Besim Ameti
  • Ana Nastova


Number of pupils: 530

Number of male students: 264

Number of female students: 266

Male/female student ratio: m 50 % / f 50 %

Diversity – Inclusion issues

The school has a wide range of diversity issues, with different ethnic, religious and cultural groups living in the area and students attending school. Being a rural community on the outskirts of the capital, such a mixed community demands additional attention and intercultural education. The school has tri-lingual programme in  Macedonian/Albanian/English. There is a significant number of students with special educational needs and various physical disabilities and disorders. There is an adequate infrastructure and accessibility.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

There is a high level of expertise, experience and motivation in school. The team is well skilled and attentive to the needs of children with special educational needs and also to the cultural diversity issues. Ethnically mixed team of teachers, parents and children and well educated management (Principal is a psychologists) creates constructive atmosphere. School is still motivated for further trainings and improvement, and for the cross-border exchanges.