This Project has been conceived as part of a concerted effort by the European Union, the Council of Europe and other partners to remove barriers for vulnerable groups in all spheres of life - including education - within an integrated framework. 

It is essential to co-ordinate with other regional projects as functioning partnerships are indispensable for the efficient implementation of this project and for the sustainability of its results. The Council of Europe is therefore implementing this project in close cooperation with its Beneficiaries, EC Delegations, EU Member State Agencies and other donors in order to avoid overlaps and duplication.

The active involvement of all stakeholders has to be ensured in order to permanently reflect on needs assessment for the best implementation of original project ideas. Specifically, civil society involvement is crucial; Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) or their networks should be seen as facilitators, embedded in real structures and efficiently channelled into the decision-making systems. Governments, local authorities, specialised bodies from the Beneficiaries shall be held accountable for the realisation of their commitments (e.g. advancing the reform agenda, policy changes introduced and practical measures taken).

Members of the Steering Board

Ms. Tatjana VUÇANI, Expert, Pre-University Education Department, Ministry of Education and Sport

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ms. Lejla DIVOVIĆ, Expert Advisor for EU Integration, Ministry of Civil Affairs

Ms. Nada JAKIR, Head of Division for Special Programme and Curriculum, Ministry of Education and Sports

Ms. Tamara MILIĆ, Advisor for SEN, Ministry of Education

Ms. Snežana VUKOVIĆ, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development

"The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
Ms. Natasha JANEVSKA, State Advisor at the Ministry of Education and Science

Ms. Lulavere BEHLULI, Head of  Division for Special Education Needs, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

European Commission
Ms. Liane ADLER, Programme Manager, DG NEAR, Western Balkans Regional Cooperation & Programmes, Brussels, Belgium

Council of Europe
Ms. Sarah KEATING, Head of Unit for Regional and Bilateral Cooperation, Democratic Citizenship and Participation

European Training Foundation
Ms. Lida KITA, Specialist in Public Policy Management, VET and Social Inclusion, Country Manager, European Training Foundation (ETF), Turin, Italy