Inclusive School Net

School name: "Muharrem Çollaku"

School type: Secondary School

Address: Lagjia nr 1, Rruga e Stadiumit - Pogradec

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Arian Malçellari, teacher
  • Nik Purbollari, Head of the Parents Board
  • Sofilda Llogori, English Teacher
  • Lena Dimashi, Math Teacher
  • Vilson Maku, Representative of the local government.
Teacher Team
  • Lorena Rapi
  • Mirash Shkurti
  • Shpresa Nikolla
  • Niko Atstefani
  • Eva Pjetri, School director


Number of pupils: 904

Number of male students: 409

Number of female students: 495

Male/female student ratio: m 48 % / f 52 % 

Diversity – Inclusion issues

There are 239 students coming from economically deprived families;  173 students with social problems; 584 students coming from urban areas and 320 from rural areas; 6 disabled students and studends with linguistic barriers (Macedonian, Greek).

Level of inclusive practices/experience

The school has experience in other projects implemented since 1999 such as "Different but equal", "Together for a change".
Exchange of experiences in the "former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia", Kosovo* and Italy.