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School name: Vuk Karadžic Podgorica

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School type: Primary school

Address : Radosava Burica bb, Podgorica, Montenegro

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Jasmina Vukaševic-Principal
  • Nada Mitrovic-pedagogue
  • Ivana Vukaševic-English teacher
  • Natalija Lakic-mother tongue teacher
  • Sanja Ratic - class teacher
Teacher Team
  • Svetlana Knezevic
  • Zorica Radovic
  • Mirjana Bigovic
  • Biljana Velickovic
  • Stojanka Kavaric

Number of pupils: 880

Number of male students: 454

Number of female students: 426

Male/female student ratio: m52%/f48%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

There are 9 Students with special educational needs, with the Decision for redirection of  students (autism, speech - language disorders, learning disabilities) and two children enrolled in the first grade who are waiting for a decision of the Commission for redirection

  • members of the RAE population (8 students) and 10 students focused in class I for school year 2013/14.
  • students with language barriers (Turkish, Italian) 4 students
  • Religious, social and economic diversity
  • Children with disabilities (difficulty in moving, visually impaired children, three children in the process of redirection)
Level of inclusive practices/experience

Inclusive policy in the school is reflected in:

  • formation of classes to take into account all children in accordance with its characteristics;
  • appointment of mentors trained in inclusive education for teacher trainees who instruct them to meaningfully train to work with children with disabilities;
  • provision of teachers training to ensure their competent support to an inclusive school policy;
  • cooperation with parents to overcome barriers to the inclusion of different ethnic groups;
  • adjustment of school space and environment in order to ensure the functionality of the space in which children reside;
  • adjustment programs (drafting IROP);
  • appointment of school Coordinator for Inclusion, which provides continuous cooperation between teachers, parents, members of the local mobile team;
  • mobile team provides technical and advisory assistance to teachers who work with children with disabilities in the first cycle;
  • Neat and substantial archiving (formed portfolio for all children with disabilities)