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School name: II Gymnasium

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School type: Secondary school

Address: Teslina 10, Split, Croatia

Contacts (phone, fax, email)
School Team
  • Ivanka Kovacevic, headteacher
  • Jadranka Benzon, pedagogue
  • Neda Galic, librarian
  • Ana Pavicic, English and Italian language teacher
  • Dolores Brkic, catholic religion teacher, nun
Teacher Team
  • Vesna Krželj Velić
  • Lidija Omrčen
  • Sanda Ilić
  • Ajlin Andreis Sarun
  • Branka Biškić

Number of pupils: 742

Number of male students: 180

Number of female students: 562

Male/female student ratio: m24%/f76%

Diversity – Inclusion issues

School has moderate number of students with special educational needs and disabilities and very little or none other minorities. They have some best practices in working with students with disabilities and involving their families and other students. They need and are motivated for further trainings and intercultural exchanges with the region, and they want to strengthen this aspect of inclusion further.

Level of inclusive practices/experience

Good experience with working with students with disabilities, especially students with visual impairments and physical disabilities. One of the school students has been a para-olimpic champion in Croatia. School team gives special attention to supporting students with special educational needs and training and sensitivising other students.