© Illustration by Athanasia Panagiotidi

© Illustration by Athanasia Panagiotidi

Smart and digital youth work resources: where to find more

 Update by Nerijus Kriauciunas 


Originally published in June 2018 by the Coyote team, this article was already in need of an update only a year later. With the onset of the Covid-19 crisis the need for a complete revision was evident as stakeholders throughout the youth field searched for reliable ideas, concepts and recommendations for developing digital competences. Even when the time comes for the reintroduction of face-to-face meetings, our guess is that new youth work formats will often include some form of blended learning - so it is wise to get prepared!

Nerijus has put together an impressive set of resources for smart and digital youth work including: publications, training materials, good practices, policy frameworks, digital resources, relevant organisations, handbooks, videos, webinars and podcasts on digital youth work. You will also notice an important section called how to stay up to date on developments in smart and digital youth work - developments in the field are coming thick and fast, so you will find there some great sources to keep you informed.

  All the links presented here are correct at the date of publication. You may find that a particular document has moved on the website concerned, so remember to be a little agile in your search.



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