Finding a second family, by Sunčana Kusturin

 Youth work in times of (armed) conflict, by Nik Paddison and Snežana Bačlija Knoch  

 Talking about war with young people, by Ewa Dziemidowicz and Marta Wojtas (Empowering Children Foundation – Poland)

 Working with young refugees and young displaced peolpe from escalated conflict zones: 7 reflections from practice, by Zaruhi Lavchyan

 Human rights education and (armed) conflict, by Dariusz Grzemny  

 Gender, Gen Z, and youth work in conflict and post-conflict areas, by Leo Zbanke

 Young people taking action in times of conflict, by Lorena Baric

 Empowering youth for peacebuilding in post-conflict areas – Insights from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Editor: Lorena Barić. Contributors: Jasmin Jasarevic (PRONI Centre) and Martina Uglik  (Youth Peace Group Danube (YPGD))

 Renewal of education for peace and why is it important?! Council of Europe’s efforts in fostering peace education, by Nevena Radosavljević  

 Goodbye by Mark Taylor

 Spiffy WIsdom #7








Issue 33

In times of conflict