MOOC on “Essentials of youth work”

Following on from its first MOOC on “Essentials of youth policy” and from the recent developments in youth work in Europe, the EU-CoE youth partnership will develop in 2019 content for a new MOOC on youth work.

  Why a MOOC on youth work?

A MOOC on youth work can be a useful tool to:

  • Make youth work known to a wide audience and draw attention to its social value
  • Provide an overview of youth work practices and policies across Europe
  • Present current developments in this field, including at European level.

  Learning objectives

By the end of this course, we expect learners to:

  • become more familiar with the “basics” of youth work (concepts and definitions, forms, practices, approaches, objectives, actors at European and national levels)
  • gain an overview of how youth work is supported (through policies and strategies, youth work research, education of youth workers, funding, etc.)
  • get inspired by the diverse good practices existing in Europe on different aspects of youth work
  • reflect on the future of youth work in Europe and on how to engage in youth work developments.


In this MOOC, the profiles of learners range across:

  • Students involved in youth work studies or learners involved in non-formal education processes related to youth work
  • Volunteer or paid youth workers
  • Youth work managers
  • Responsible persons for planning youth work at municipal level
  • Youth organisations and other youth platforms
  • Those involved in youth work policy making or in funding youth work
  • Youth workers’ education providers
  • Researchers
  • Other persons interested in exploring the subject.

This MOOC on youth work will be launched in 2020.