8 October - 18 November
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Open online course 'Essentials of youth policy’

The open online course is organised by the EU – CoE youth partnership.

It aims to equip learners with the basic competences to engage in youth policy. Participants will learn about the essential elements of youth policy, the steps of youth policy (development, delivery, evaluation), its impact in the lives of young people, and they will reflect on their future steps in youth policy.

By the end of the course, learners will:

  • understand the “basics” of youth policy (concepts and definitions, scope, objectives, actors, European and national levels)
  • become aware of the relevance of the key elements for youth policy (cross-sectoral, knowledge-based, participation, inclusion, youth work)
  • understand how to build a framework for youth policy (identifying key issues, priority areas and themes)
  • understand the major steps for youth policy development, implementation and delivery, and evaluation
  • reflect on the future of youth policy and their own future engagement in youth policy
  • gain motivation and information about different ways of getting involved in youth policy.

The course makes use extensively of the knowledge and materials developed by the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth and of examples at the global, regional and national level. It offers an overview of the main elements, standards, issues and challenges of youth policy today. The course also provides chances for participants to learn from their own practice and to network with other learners.

The course is open and free for anyone interested.

Learners finalising all the modules in the course will receive a certificate of attendance.

The course started on 8 October 2018 for a duration of 6 weeks.

The course is structured in 6 Modules.

2018 edition: webinar 1 2018 edition: webinar 1
Why do we need youth policy?


2018 edition: webinar 3 2018 edition: webinar 3
Future trends in youth policy


2018 edition: webinar 2 2018 edition: webinar 2
Steps to effective youth participation


Videos Videos
Introduction to youth policy


Building a youth policy strategy


Youth policy implementation


Tools tools

Self-assessment tool for youth policy

Checking compliance with Council of Europe standards

 English / French

2018 edition 2018 edition