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 by Marietta Balázs 


Dear Readers,

Young people were in the spotlight in 2022! With the European Union's European Year of Youth and the Council of Europe youth sector's 50th anniversary and Democracy Here | Democracy Now campaign, young people got a much needed boost and empowerment after a long pandemic to act, raise their voice and bring changes. Let us guide you through these important initiatives with a series of articles introducing the most important activities, highlights, the impact and follow-up, mixed with reflections on the messages of 2022.

The first part of the issue is dedicated to the European Year of Youth. Have a look and discover:

The second part of the issue is dedicated to the Council of Europe's youth campaign and anniversary. Let's explore together:

And finally, check what Spiffy has been up to in 2022


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 Issue 34

 Young people in the spotlight



Marietta is a project officer at the Youth Partnership.