Illustration by Coline Robin

Illustration by Coline Robin



 by Mark E. Taylor 


Hello dear reader!


Like you, we in the Coyote editorial team have been through a lot of ups and horrible downs in the last months, add to that the challenges faced by our contributors and it has been quite a mountain to climb to bring you this edition. Without exception, everyone has been hit by the impact of the pandemic which makes it all the more important that this issue is concerned with well-being and what can be learnt from a wide spectrum of experience and use that knowledge for the benefit of young people and all those involved in youth work.

And we found out so much! Have a look:

 There are many interconnected dimensions of well-being, it’s not only about mental health

 The Youth Partnership’s Covid-19 Knowledge Hub brings together the latest research to inform both policy makers and practitioners

 What mindfulness can bring to youth workers

 Psychological first aid is needed in youth work

 How sport helps well-being

 We can be serious and funny!

 Mental health can and should be on the youth work agenda

 Make sure to get outdoors!

 Lindy-hop to happiness

 How to cope with new demands on youth workers’ roles

 Come out of lockdown and launch the debate about drugs

 What did youth work do to react to Covid-19?

 How was it to attend a first summer international event after over a year

 Parents and their children in lockdown

 Advice for well-being these days

 Where do the brain and the tongue connect

 Spiffy walks to wisdom


Inspiration! Practical tips! Reflected experience! It’s all there in this edition! Not only do we have to get through these times, maybe we can find the hope to grow through them too...

Many heartfelt thanks to all of our contributors and the brilliant Coyote editorial team:

 Monika Kėžaitė-Jakniūnienė (co-editor)

 Susie Nicodemi

 Alexander Rose

 Marietta Balázs

to our great illustrators:

 Ákos Zeleny & Nils Leichenberg (Zavod Ambitia)

 Coline Robin

 Daniela Nunes

 Vanda Kovács

and to our web designer:

 Lali Bouché


May the Spirit of Spiffy go with you!


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