EU-CoE youth partnership's activities and objectives:
  • Symposium on young people’s political participation.
  • European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy (EKCYP), supporting evidence-based youth policy-making by the development of an adequate knowledge base
  • Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR), generating knowledge on key themes of the EU-CoE work programme
  • Study on social inclusion of young people and digitalisation
  • Expert reflection on youth policy evaluation, promoting a better understanding of how youth policy is evaluated
  • Research on youth work professions, education and training, on the job support, following up from the mapping of educational pathways for youth workers:
    • Analytical papers
    • Conclusions of the research
    • Materials popularisind the key messages
  • Supporting youth work, including developing a youth work essentials brochure and preparing a MOOC on youth work in Europe and its links to youth policy and young people
  • Open online course on youth policy essentials, 3rd edition
  • Project “Shaping youth policy in practice”, 4th edition
  • Supporting democratic citizenship education with a European dimension
    • Developing an online course based in the T-kit 7 'European citizenship'
    • Developing knowledge for and contributing to the organisation of the forum on the topic
    • Analytical papers
  • European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM), developing guidelines for quality in learning mobility and ongoing work of the platform
  • Regional seminar on the state of youth work in Eastern Europe and Caucasus
  • Perspectives on Youth, a virtual platform of dialogue between youth policy, research and practice:
    • an innovative forum of discussion on emerging topics relevant for the youth field today
    • reflection papers, statements and interviews, webinars, discussions and analytical papers
 Contributions to activities initiated and led by other partners

The EU-CoE youth partnership contributes several activities organised by partners:

  1. Contribution to the conference organised by Jugend fur Europa “Regaining Europe”, discussing the position and role of young people and the youth sector in the debate on the future of Europe
  2. Involvement in the project Europe Goes Local, on strengthening youth work at municipal level
  3. Contribution to the European Academy of Youth Work

 Publications and communication

In 2019, the following publications will be finalised and disseminated: Youth Knowledge books, Training kits, and the online Coyote magazine.

Publications to be produced in 2019 include:

  • Revision of T-kit on training essentials (editorial work)
  • YKB : History of Youth Work-7
  • YKB: Education of Youth Workers in Europe and Practice Architectures
  • YKB: revision of Youth policy manual (editorial work)
  • ‘Youth research essentials’, a brochure presenting what youth research is, what are its core themes and elements, for the practitioners of the youth field
  • Youth work essentials (editorial work)
  • EKCYP Insights presenting cross-country analysis of specific questions relevant to youth policy and youth work
  • Handbook on quality in learning mobility, including principles, indicators and good practice examples


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