EU-CoE youth partnership's activities and objectives:
 Publications and communication

 Under 30’ podcast series, which discusses research results, explores trends in young people's lives and themes relevant for youth policy and practice

 Publications to be produced in 2021 include:

  • Training kits
    • Revised T-kit 6 on training essentials
    • T-kit 14 on value-based learning in mobility
    • T-kit on developing and implementing evidence-based participatory youth policy
    • Revised T-kit on financial management
  • Youth Knowledge Books
    • #27 on social inclusion and digitalisation
    • #28 Youth policy manual (new edition)
    • #29 on political participation of young people
    • #30 on youth in transitions, linked to the COVID-19 impact on young people’s lives
  • Insights into
    • Youth policy evaluation
    • Digitalisation and social inclusion of young people
    • Youth political participation
    • Youth research
  • Coyote online magazine:
    • #31 on the 3rd European Youth Work Convention
    • #32 on young people’s well-being and Covid19

 Translations of publications – all translations are available on the page of each publication.

 Illustrations and infographics to highlight results of various research projects carried out by the youth partnership.


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