The e-library of evaluation in the youth sector provides information and access to youth policies and practices, with information on the effectiveness of those interventions and the potential of the interventions to be sustainable and replicated (rolled-out). Overall, the e-library promotes policy learning and transfers and replication of practices in youth sector, including interventions in youth work and in other areas of public policy. It also promotes the increase in the quality of evaluations and exchanges in this area.

Where and when youth practitioners and decision makers are looking for inspiration to develop new policies, programmes or projects or to improve the quality of their work, the e-library is planned to support them with ideas on how successful other practitioners have been / are when implementing similar interventions, what works, for whom, in what conditions. Moreover, the needs of young people are evolving even faster than the context of other public policies. Therefore, the learning outcomes of the evaluation of youth policies, programmes and youth work practice are extremely valuable to support decision makers in amending and adapting interventions targeting young people to better answer their needs.