Shutterstock, Alessandro Biascioli

Shutterstock, Alessandro Biascioli

A reference section to research and knowledge development on the issue


The covid-19 pandemic and related lockdown measures have produced significant interruptions in young people’s lives, the impact of which is still to be analysed and understood in the future.

One youth research approach to developments in young people’s lives is to look at transitions to adulthood and autonomy. For example, when growing up, young people transition to education, to employment, towards economic and financial independence, or to establishing their own family, to getting the right to vote...

Covid-19 has put into question all these transitions. While on the one hand, there is an attempt to identify the best ways to deal with the crisis, and document these practices, there is also an understanding that we are entering not a short period but a longer era of new normality that young people will have to cope with.

This new extended transition is also impacting the youth field actors, including policy-makers, practitioners, youth organisations and platforms for young people’s participation but also youth researchers. While there is a clear emergence of the digital youth work and increasing use of digital tools in working with young people within both formal and non-formal education across Europe, there is also an understanding that there are needs of young people that have not been responded to, leaving many to face on their own issues related to social exclusion, discrimination and a redefinition of social and safety nets. There are also questions about changing relationships and behaviour, changing perspectives on connection to friends and community, impact on well-being and mental health, employment, participation, activism, youth organisations and many other areas of young people’s lives.

EU-Council of Europe youth partnership explores the various effects of the pandemic on young people through our research networks and supports the partner institutions and other stakeholders in data collection and analysis of their findings.

On this page, we will highlight research and knowledge gathering initiatives that look at the two sides of the pandemic impact: challenges for the youth sector and positive initiatives.