The EU-CoE youth partnership's current focus on youth work happens through:

  • Supporting activities around quality youth work from both institutions;
  • Supporting achieving a social, political and formal recognition of youth work and of non-formal learning;
  • Contributing to the development of quality youth work and to support related tools and mechanisms;
  • Supporting the dissemination and exchange of successful and innovative initiatives with regard to the recognition of youth work and non-formal learning;
  • Continuing the reflection, the sharing of information and the promotion of youth work practice and policy through exploring history of youth work in Europe and its relevance for today and through relevant publications;
  • Supplementing existing knowledge on learning mobility, steer and consolidate the work of the European Platform on Learning Mobility.
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MOOC on “Essentials of youth work”

Following on from its first MOOC on “Essentials of youth policy” and from the recent developments in youth work in Europe, the EU-CoE youth partnership will develop in 2019 content for a new MOOC on youth work. Why a MOOC on youth work? A MOOC on youth work can be a useful tool to: Make youth...

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Research and country info Research and country info

Education of Youth Workers

The research on educational and career paths of youth workers in Europe began in 2017 with a survey of Council of Europe member states on five broad aspects: youth policy and legislation; ...

Country information on youth work

This page includes country information on the situation of youth work collected by EKCYP correspondents. The country sheets include data on the following topics: Context of youth work ...

History of youth work

In a number of countries youth work definitions and missions recently have been under discussion and also on a European level the new EU framework for youth policy comes up with a new role for a...
Learning mobility Learning mobility

European Platform on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field

The bodies involved in the European Platform on Learning Mobility in the Youth Field understand Europe as the region that includes the countries and actors represented in the Council of Europe and the European Union. The Platform is a space for exchange and cooperation of researchers, policy...

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European youth work conventions European youth work conventions

2nd European Youth Work Convention

The Convention was a unique opportunity to give a new impetus to the political and institutional debate around youth work in Europe. The Convention gathered stakeholders from all over Europe bringing together complementary knowledge, perspectives and experiences on youth work.

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Recognition Recognition

Getting there...

‘Getting there…’ brings together the Pathways paper and the Statement and Plan of Action of participants of the Symposium on recognition of youth work and non-formal learning/education (Strasbourg, 2011). It aims at supporting a decentralised process for the implementation of actions leading to a...

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