Seminar on the European Youth Work Agenda
29-30 November 2023
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Growing youth work in Eastern and Southeast Europe: knowledge, realities and ideas for the future

The seminar is organised as a follow up to the Visible Value regional seminar and the Symposium to explore in-depth the context in which youth work is developed, the situation of the practitioners and the way the youth work ecosystem is evolving at national, local and regional levels. The seminar will focus on identifying good practices and building on them, as well as disseminating latest research results - notably through the Visible Value handbook, the draft Youth Work Strategies manual, the review of the Youth Work Recommendation and the two thematic studies on models of youth work recognition and mapping the European youth work ecosystem.

It will also offer a room for an active dialogue about the support needed for a strengthened, structured, and recognised youth work in Southeast and Eastern Europe, and for reflecting on how the Youth Partnership and European level actors can support initiatives in the two regions in the future.

 The event’s expected outcomes:

  • dissemination of research findings and good practice on youth work development, collected through the Youth Partnership;
  • building capacities of the network of youth work experts involved in and supporting the various projects and activities of the Youth Partnership;
  • practical conclusions on the objectives, priorities and support needed for youth work development in Eastern and Southeast Europe for the next Youth Partnership programming period;
  • reflection with the advisory group of the Pool of European Youth Researchers (PEYR) on strengthening the research dimension of EYWA implementation in the next programme and how the two networks of the Youth Partnership – PEYR and the European Knowledge Centre for youth policy correspondents –  can support that work better;
  • ideas for the next European Youth Work Convention;
  • feedback on a draft Youth Work Strategies manual, developed by the Youth Partnership.

 Target group

Around 60 participants from the youth work community of practice, including: researchers, policymakers from local to regional level, representatives of associations of youth workers, public sector, paid professional and volunteer youth workers, youth organisations delivering youth work, youth representatives, young people, etc.

  • Study on recognition of youth workers by Jim Odonovan, Andreas Karsten and Darko Markovic
  • Mapping the European youth work ecosystem by Frederike van der Poll and Dragan Atanasov
  • Report of the symposium Visible Value: growing youth work in Europe
  • Handbook Visible Value (coming soon)
  • Draft Youth Work Strategies Manual (coming soon)
  • Draft report on the Review of the Youth Work Recommendation