Final conference of the joint EU/CoE DISCO Programme – Results achieved and sustainability

1 December 2021 Online

11 funded projects, 15 countries involved, more than 3,000 people reached Co-operation with national partners, international organizations, and governmental bodies Materials to be further disseminated and adopted by public entities Trainings and workshops to be replicated in the future The...

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Promoting Democracy in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers

4 November 2021 Strasbourg

Teachers can play a vital role in guiding and inspiring their students, especially when it comes to instilling democratic values in young citizens. In the online course "Promoting Democracy in the Classroom: A Practical Guide for Teachers", you’ll learn how to educate students in the values of...

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Beyond us and them: a series of podcasts on the prevention of and resilience to radicalisation

Increased social and political polarisation can deepen radicalisation and add to the spread of extremist views. Various undertakings have been made in Europe to counter this phenomena, but there is still much to be done and new challenges are on the horizon. The project “Resilience through...

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Promoting democracy through teacher education policy and practice

30 April 2021 Strasbourg

What kind of society do we want our children to live in? For many of us, democracy mirrors some of the ideals of a society in which we are all in an equal position to have a say. But in recent times, we have seen how democracy is in crisis: growing inequalities, the rise of xenophobic and racist...

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Launch of the DISCO micro-grants projects

21 April 2021 Strasbourg

On 20 April, the official kick-off meeting of the projects that have been awarded micro-grants in the context of the European Union/Council of Europe Joint Programme “Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)” (now in its 6th cycle) was held online. The event was opened by...

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Developing innovative methods for building resilience against radicalisation and extremism

30 March 2021 Strasbourg

Why do people believe conspiracy theories and how can we counteract them? How can we teach young people to respect other cultures and counteract social polarization? How can we encourage them to take a more critical stance, to react and act upon human rights violations? These are some of the...

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Results of the call for proposals for micro-grants

22 March 2021 Strasbourg

Selected projects for Micro-Grants ready to kick-off Under Lot 1 of the Call, for the dissemination and/or further development of the outcomes of previous cycles of the joint EU/CoE DISCO programme, the project “Sharing Knowledge, Handling Controversy in schools of Greece, North Macedonia and...

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New education materials on how to teach and deal with controversy

28 January 2021 Strasbourg

Learning how to engage in dialogue with and respect people whose values are different from one’s own is central to the democratic process and to fostering of a culture of human rights. Yet in Europe young people do not often have an opportunity to discuss controversial issues in school because...

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Launching conference for the EU/CoE Joint Programme DISCO 2020-2021

08 October 2020 ONLINE MEETING

The Launching conference of the European Union/Council of Europe Joint Programme “Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)” took place online on October 8th. The conference was opened by Sarah Keating, Head of Co-operation and Capacity Building Division, Education Department,...

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Call for proposals: micro-grants to support further development and dissemination of previously funded projects’ results

11 September 2020 Strasbourg

The Call for Project Proposals for Micro-Grants 2020-2021 is now closed. The selected projects will be published in the second half of December 2020. Are you ready to take action to support human rights and democracy in the field of education in your country? The European Union/Council of...

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