Countries involved:

Cyprus, Ireland, Montenegro, Spain and the United Kingdom with the support of Albania, Austria, France and Sweden


Overall objective:

  • The aim of the project was to develop effective training on teaching controversial issues and strengthen the capability and confidence of teachers and school leaders in this area within a number of Council of Europe and European Union member states and beyond.


Achieved results:

  • Scoping paper - on why teaching controversial issues in citizenship and human rights education is important and setting out the principles and processes that underpin the effective teaching of controversial issues;
  • Production and piloting, of a training programme for teachers in the participating countries to ensure its relevance in different regions, countries and contexts;
  • The strengthening of the capability and confidence of teachers and school leaders - for the benefit of children and young people both now and in their roles as citizens going forward;
  • An international conference to share the learning and outcomes with other member states and European and international partners.

Teaching controversial issues

This training pack is a professional development programme for teachers designed to support and promote the teaching of controversial issues in European schools.

 Download here.