Community service training – a whole school approach for social change

Implementing organisation

New Horizons Foundation (NHF), Romania


Resource/publication to be used

Travel pass to democracy: supporting teachers for active citizenship


Overall objective

 Improve teachers’ and school leaders’ capacity to implement service-learning projects and their active engagement in promoting social change in the communities.


Specific objectives

 Improve schools’ understanding of the conditions (goal, legal regulations, etc.) needed to run school community service with students, through the use of the “readiness assessment” pack.

 Train teachers and school leaders through a wholeschool training programme in community service relevant in different regions in Romania.

Raise Romanian national stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of how service learning can be implemented in schools.



  • A “readiness assessment” pack for schools to self-evaluate the goal, the legal regulations and the local conditions for running school community service with students was developed in English and Romanian.
  • A Planning pack for teachers and school leaders was developed and is available in English and Romanian, to help prepare the school for running a community service in Romania.
  • An online training course was developed in Romanian, as a professional (pedagogical) development programme for teachers and school leaders in running a community service. The syllabus of the online course is also available in English.
  • A final conference was organised to share and disseminate the learning and outcomes of the project with the key stakeholders in Romania. The results were also disseminated online.

New toolkit on service-learning

Cover page of the Guide on service-learning projects

Schools for the benefit of the community

These tools are for principals and teachers who wish to integrate service-learning projects into the school curriculum.