With Heart: Building Sustainable SL (Volunteer) Projects

Implementing organisation

Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukraine


Resource/publication to be used

Charter on education for democratic citizenship and human rights education: diversity of approaches


Overall objective

 Help Ukrainian teachers and university faculty contribute to the development of competences for a democratic culture through the development of service learning as an academic approach, and ultimately help the Ukrainian society protect the rights of the vulnerable groups.


Specific objectives

 Raise education professionals’ and higher institutions’ level of competences on service learning, and improve their capacities to lead servicelearning projects.

 Raise awareness about servicelearning courses in higher education institutions and about their impact in the society for students and education professionals and stakeholders.


Outputs/expected results

  • A course for teachers and faculty will be designed and piloted, on the principles and methodology of service-learning and on how to design a course for students based on service-learning projects.
  • A study course for 30 students will be re-designed and piloted, using the service-learning approach. The course will integrate the learnings from CoE publication “Education for democratic citizenship and human rights diversity of approaches”.
  • Case studies will be developed in English and Ukrainian to be used as an education tool for programs for teachers and faculty.
  • The results of the project will be promoted and disseminated through articles and study materials on service learning, social media and a final webinar organised for 400 participants.