School curriculum and teaching controversial issues – developing effective practices for teaching and learning approaches

Implementing organisation

Institute for Human Rights (IHR), North Macedonia


Resource/publication to be used

Managing controversy


Overall objective

 Contribute to the strengthening of democracy in schools through the build-up of teachers’ confidence and competences to effectively teach controversial issues.


Specific objectives

 Raise education stakeholders and students’ awareness on the importance of providing opportunities for student to engage with controversial issues.

 Empower teachers and education professionals to use a range of teaching and learning approaches to teach controversial issues.


Outputs/expected results

  • A capacity building training module for teaching controversial will be developed and delivered in follow-up workshops to school teams from 4 schools.
  • A Handbook for teachers with good practices on teaching controversial issues will be developed.
  • An Online course on dealing with controversial issue will be designed and made available.
  • A final event to present successful practices, to promote the new approaches, to obtain feedback from participants, and to discuss the sustainability of the project will be held.