Strengthening Digital Resilience in Georgia

Implementing organisation

Civic Education Teachers Forum (CETF), Georgia


Resource/publication to be used

Digital resistance - an empowering handbook for teachers


Overall objective

 Empower Georgian civic education teachers in addressing fake news and false information in their classrooms.


Specific objectives

 Improve Georgian Civic Education Teachers’ capacities on the topic of Digital Citizenship.

 Raise the awareness of Civic Education teachers, key stakeholder and multipliers of the educational field and the civil society of Georgia on addressing fake news and false information in the classrooms.



  • The resource “Digital Resistance - an empowering handbook for teachers” was translated into Georgian language.
  • 10 regional dissemination workshops will be conducted and min. 250 Civic Education teachers from 10 regions will be trained on how to use the resource “Digital Resistance - an empowering handbook for teachers”.
  • A national dissemination conference will be held with stakeholders of the formal and non-formal educational sector and EDC/HRE in Georgia, who will learn about the newly translated resource.
  • The newly translated resource will be broadly disseminated online and made available to min. 1 100 Civic Education teachers in Georgia.


Cover page of Digital Resistance translation into Georgian

Digital Resistance - Handbook for Teachers

 Download in English and Georgian