Democratic Competences via Digital Channel

Implementing organisation

Nuova Associazione Culturale Ulisse, Italy


Resource/publication to be used

Developing democratic competences in the digital era


Overall objective

 Spread knowledge about the RFCDC as a privileged didactic channel in the pandemic through digital tools.


Specific objectives

 Empower teachers to use the RFCDC in didactic activities.

 Raise education stakeholders’ level of awareness about the role of Citizenship Education and the RFCDC and its use.


Outputs/expected results

  • The resource: “Developing Competences for Democratic Culture in the digital era Strategy Paper” (Council of Europe, October 2017) is translated to Italian and available.
  • The RFCDC Volume 2 is translated and available in Italian.
  • A SWOT analysis will be elaborated on the basis of the data collected through a quantitative and a qualitative survey, regarding the way CDC and ICT are reflected in policies, curricula and educational practices in Italy.
  • An online training course on Developing Competences for Democratic Culture will be developed and piloted for 50 Italian teachers.
  • An article about the project and the analysis of the online training course will be produced to disseminate the results of the project.

Translations Translations

Strategy Paper and Tools for teachers and teacher trainers

“Developing competences for Democratic Culture in the digital era”

 Download in English and Italian