Countries involved:

Georgia, Andorra, Croatia and Slovak Republic


Overall objective:

  • To develop practical tools with the participation and involvement of students and teachers for the implementation of the Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture
  • To support teachers and schools principals in their efforts to provide students with competences for democratic culture
  • To support students to become information developers so that they can develop video content featuring practical interpretations of competences


Expected outcomes:

  • Research carried out to ensure compliance with the existing context in the partner country
  • A methodological program entitled “Engage students to put CDC in school practice”
  • Creation of guidelines with practical suggestions and recommendations for teachers and students
  • Pilot-testing of the educational program which includes the organisation of workshops, seminars and trainings
  • Several student-made videos where students explain what they think it is meant by “democratic culture” and what it is not meant by this term
  • An online-platform where to publish the audio-visual content produced
  • Three coordination meetings with the representatives of partner states during the implementation of the project



















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