Combating Media Illiteracy: A Digital Handbook

Implementing organisation

Fundația "Freedom House Inc" - Filiala București, Romania


Resource/publication to be used

Digital resistance - an empowering handbook for teachers


Overall objective

 Improve teachers’ capacity to help young students build resilience to online disinformation in Romania.


Specific objectives

 Equip teachers with innovative media literacy tools to support their students in building resilience to disinformation and fake news online.

 Increase students’ capacity to recognise disinformation and fake news online.

 Raise education authorities’ awareness of available tools to help build students’ resilience to fake news and disinformation.



  • A basic media literacy handbook for teachers was developed in Romanian.
  • Training sessions on media literacy were developed for teachers and piloted (following the ‘training of trainers’ method).
  • A media literacy campaign was delivered online with 12 schools and high schools throughout the country by the trained teachers. Students attended pilot courses and peer-to-peer activities on the topic.
  • Education authorities were provided with the final Handbook (as an instrument to build students’ resilience to fake news) and with a proposal on its implementation on a national level.

New handbook for teachers

Cover page of the handbook

Resistance to misinformation and online recruitment -
Guide for the use of teachers made by the Freedom House Romania foundation

Download in Romanian


Poster in Romanian on disinformation and online recruitment

A poster based on the handbook "Resistance to misinformation and online recruitment" is also available in Romanian