The 2017 EU-CoE youth partnership work programme includes the following objectives and activities:

1. Specific objective "Better knowledge":
2. Specific objective "Promotion of Youth work":
  • Knowing youth work in Europe:
    • Mapping of educational paths for youth workers in Europe,
    • Involvement in the project “Youth work at municipal level,
    • Participation in the German “Child and Youth Welfare Congress 2017” and organising a workshop on youth work: towards the 3rd European Youth Work Convention;
  • Contribution to the seminar “Shaping European youth policies in theory and practice”;
  • European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM);
  • Youth participation:
    • Young refugees’ voice workshop,
    • Contribution to the Erasmus + strategic partnership project “Ignite the Spark”,
    • Contribution to the EUth research and innovation project funded under the EU Horizon 2020,
    • Involvement in the project on European Civic Education Labs;
  • Coyote magazine;
  • Training kits.
3. Horizontal objective "Co-operation with a regional focus":
  • Contribution to the  strategy “Youth work against violent radicalisation”
  • Developing youth knowledge networks in Eastern Europe and Caucasus and in the South Mediterranean
4. Horizontal objective "Communication and information":
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