Research publications

The youth knowledge books are the outcome of research seminars and expert workshops on priority topics of the EU-CoE youth partnership. Youth knowledge books are produced in English only. Translations in other languages are encouraged.

The history of youth work in Europe - Volume 4

Volume 4 of the History of youth work in Europe, edited by Marti Taru, Filip Coussée and Howard Williamson, covers the 2011 workshop in Tallinn, which was co-organised by the Estonian authorities with the support of Finnish and Flemish partners, and sums up the discussions in the previous three...

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Learning mobility and non-formal learning in European contexts. Policies, approaches and examples

This book on learning mobility is a joint Council of Europe and European Commission publication, and provides texts of an academic, scientific, political and practical nature for all stakeholders in the youth field.

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The history of youth work in Europe - Volume 3

Following on from the first two volumes of History of youth work in Europe, each of which was based on international seminars, the Belgian Presidency of the European Union held an international and interdisciplinary conference on the history of youth work.

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Intercultural learning in non-formal education

This essay by Susana Lafraya is a contribution to enlarging the circle of communication on intercultural learning experience through youth work. The connections that she makes between non-formal learning, youth work and intercultural theory sum up much of what has been said in the youth work...

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The history of youth work in Europe - Volume 2

This second volume of The history of youth work in Europe, presents the youth work histories of some very different countries: Belgium and its three communities, the Netherlands, Ireland, Wales and Hungary.

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The history of youth work in Europe and its relevance for youth policy today

In this book we take a historical perspective that aims to identify the close links between youth work developments and broader social, cultural and political developments. What are the beliefs and concepts that underpin youth work? How do they relate to the recurrent youth work paradox, that...

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European citizenship - In the process of construction

The essays collected here address the issue of European citizenship. They present the debates and findings of the research seminar entitled “Young People and Active European Citizenship”, organised by the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth

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Social inclusion and young people: breaking down the barriers

Social exclusion, the polarisation of the types of chances life offers to different groups of young people, is increasing, it is spatially concentrated in some regions and neighbourhoods and is arguably linked to social class. Race and gender can also contribute to this phenomenon, as can other...

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Trading up – Potential and performance in non-formal learning

Understanding, explicating, recognising and evaluating the quality of non-formal learning in the youth sector.

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The history of youth work in Europe - Volume 5

Volume 5 addresses questions like: How have government policies and administrative practices during the past decades affected youth work? What kind of strategies has youth work developed to react...

EKCYP insights

This book provides insight into the knowledge one can obtain through the European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy and explains how national correspondents work to contribute up-to-date information.

1989 - Young people and social change after the fall of the Berlin Wall

This collection of essays, based on the outcomes of this seminar, examines the circumstances of young people in Eastern Europe before and after 1989 from a variety of angles: their transition to...

Some still more equal than others? Or equal opportunities for all?

This book examines many aspects of inequality and opportunity for young people including schooling, employment, social exclusion, labour migration, trafficking, disability, cultural and religious...

Youth employment and the future of work

The essays collected here were developed from papers first delivered at a research seminar on youth employment organised by the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission...

Youth Policy manual - How to develop a national youth strategy

This manual proposes one possible model for how a national youth policy strategy can be developed. It is based on the author’s observations from the countries of Southeastern and eastern Europe, as...

The politics of diversity in Europe

The essays collected here are developed from a research seminar entitled "Diversity, Human Rights and Participation" organised by the Partnership on Youth between the Council of Europe and the...

Charting the landscape of European youth voluntary activities

How does the voluntary engagement of young people enhance their active citizenship and solidarity? Can youth policies facilitate social inclusion through volunteering?

Revisiting youth political participation

Provides an interdisciplinary panorama of conceptual, historical, sociological and institutional analyses of young people and their democratic involvement in Europe today.

Resituating culture

The interdisciplinary contributions to resituating culture combine overviews of relevant cultural theory with the research and perspectives of the individual contributors.
Other publications Other publications


The T-kits are thematic publications written by experienced youth trainers. They are easy-to-use handbooks for use in training and study sessions


Coyote is a magazine about important issues in and around youth work in Europe and beyond published by the EU-CoE youth partnership.

Perspectives on youth

Perspectives on youth is a new series on youth policy, research and practice supported by the EU-CoE Youth Partnership, moving forward debates on youth and having a European/ international relevance

ATTE Series

Advanced Training for Trainers in Europe (ATTE) is a part-time programme for trainers active in training youth multipliers. ATTE was implemented successfully as a pilot course from November 2001 to...