Call for Project Proposals 2016

This call for proposals will support projects designed to contribute to the sustainable development and promotion of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education.  Read more

Following the success of the previous two cycles, the 2015 cycle of the Pilot Projects Scheme attracted five proposals to explore different educational topics. Over twenty countries were involved in the process, each teaming up with others which had expressed similar needs and concerns to their own.

The proposals were rigorously assessed by the Advisory Board, and based on their appraisal funding is being offered to the following two projects:

Pilot Projects Scheme objectives

The Pilot Projects Scheme provides funding to enable at least three States party to the European Cultural Convention to cooperate on projects of common interest within the field of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE). At least one of the states will be a member of the European Union.

The basis of each pilot project is to make information on current democratic citizenship and human rights education practices in the participating countries available to help improve them in each of the countries.


Latest news about this project
Second coordination meeting-“Managing Controversy: A Whole-School Training Tool”.

The representatives from Austria, Cyprus, Ireland, Montenegro, Sweden and the United Kingdom met at the Demokratie Zentrum in Vienna on 20 April 2016 for the second coordination meeting of the pilot project “Managing Controversy: A Whole-School Training Tool”...... more

Latest news about this project.
3rd Coordination meeting, Budapest, 9th April 2016

The third coordination meeting of the pilot project on “Addressing violence in schools through Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education” took place in Budapest on 9th April 2016.....more

  "Human Rights and Democracy in Action"

Outcomes from the Pilot Projects Scheme are now available 


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