© Illustration by Marlies Pöschl

© Illustration by Marlies Pöschl


By Mark E. Taylor

On behalf of the Coyote editorial team



Hello readers!

Or should I write “hello citizens”? Do you see yourself as a citizen? If so, what makes you a citizen? How did you become one? What rights do you have?  Where do your responsibilities for other citizens start and where do they end? And where does learning fit into all this, particularly for young people?

For this issue on Citizenship Education Revisited, a suitably experienced editorial team dove into the Conference “Learning to live together: a shared commitment to democracy” at the Council of Europe in June 2017 and came up with lots of material and contacts for possible authors. So much so that this is the biggest issue of Coyote ever!

You will find a rich assortment of articles here, as we have really tried to cover the essentials, such as:

  • what differences and convergences are there between Human Rights Education (HRE) and Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC)?
  • young peoples’ experiences of putting their learning into action
  • different European institutions’ and agencies’ policies and actions to support human rights and citizenship education for and with young people – and what are prospects for the future?
  • the stance of an educator in these fields
  • NGO  viewpoints and practice
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET), how far does it contribute?
  • work at the local level by schools and municipal authorities
  • what’s LOVE got to do with it all?
  • and knowing that we cannot cover everything – we list resources which are readily available to explore further

Technical note:
Although we do not have a printed edition of Coyote anymore, we do realise that some people like to be able to read articles on paper – so just click on the pdf icon at the top right of each page and you will be able to obtain a pdf of the relevant article.

Looking forward to reading your feedback on both the contents and format of this issue! Use the feedback form to give your comments and/or visit our Facebook page!

© Illustration by Marlies Pöschl

© Illustration by Marlies Pöschl