© Illustration by Siiri Taimla

© Illustration by Siiri Taimla

EDC/HRE resources: where to find more



If you found the Coyote articles on the theme of EDC/HRE relevant and you want to learn more, we have put together a list of resources. Any list on EDC/HRE resources is not an exhaustive one and, luckily, more resources are being developed all the time.

Looking for …


… publications and manuals

… online and offline courses and capacity building


… research on EDC/HRE

  • The Eurydice network supports and facilitates European co-operation in the field of lifelong learning by providing information on education systems and policies in 38 countries and by producing studies on issues common to European education systems, including citizenship education: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/education/eurydice/index_en.php
  • The Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU produces reports on human rights and anti-discrimination, among other themes: http://fra.europa.eu/en/theme/roma


… funding


Youth Organisations’ Contribution to Citizenship Education

… organisations working on this topic with young people


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