Council of Europe Education projects at the World Forum for Democracy!

Strasbourg 29 October 2019

The Council of Europe Education Department is contributing to the next edition of the World Forum for Democracy that will take place in Strasbourg on 6-8 November.

The World Forum for Democracy 2019 entitled “Is Democracy in Danger in the Information Age?” will focus on information and democracy. The forum will look at to what extent the information available to citizens is reliable and how this affects their participation in democratic processes.

Richard Heise and Elisavet Karakitsiou from the project “Digital Resistance” funded by the European Union/Council of Europe “Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)” will be discussants in the Lab 4 “Building Resilience to disinformation”.

Stefan J. Schustereder, Council of Europe expert involved in the development of the Master class “Old and new media and fake news” will be one of the discussants of the Forum Talk 7 “Fact Checking”.

For more information:

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