CoLAB Project in Clermont-Ferrand: articles on L’Express and on The Conversation

Strasbourg 26 April 2019

The CoLAB Project implemented at the University of Clermont Auvergne recently received media attention with articles published on the news magazine “L’Express” and on the online portal “The Conversation”.

The news magazine “L’Express” published an article including interviews with project participants Souzan Adlo (Course “From migration to integration”) and Rabab Khedair (Course “Intercultural Communication”) and a video.

It started a new phase for me (…) even if we are migrants, even if it is not our native language, we can still do things and have a job as if we were French” explained Souzan Adlo in the video published by L’Express.

In the article, two students attending the course “From migration to integration” taught by Souzan Adlo were interviewed and shared their opinion. According to one student, “[Ms Adlo] lived what she is teaching, and she has the necessary detachment to talk about it. It is far from stereotypes, far from the TV debates or views that can be found on social media and this changes everything!”.

It’s enriching. With the attacks, a negative image of migrants, who perhaps have come also sometimes by interest, is widely conveyed. Souzan offers another point of view. She is young, smiling, however she has left everything for an unknown world. It’s courageous” another student pointed out.

The online portal “The Conversation” published an article written by Cécilia Brassier, CoLAB Project Coordinator at the University of Clermont Auvergne. According to Ms Brassier, as stated in the article, “the first results obtained show that the project CoLAB contributed to a sort of a pluralist approach to integration, from which both refugees and students benefit.”

The Project CoLAB offers opportunities to refugees to work as experts and/or teaching staff in the participating higher education institutions based in Belgium, France, Italy and in the UK.

The project is funded by the European Union/Council of Europe Joint Programme “Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)”.


For more information :

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